How Can You Use It ?

Fail2Spam can be integrated into an existing site or API in several ways. These applications can be categorized into two broad catagories : Interstitial page site defense and Endpoint defense.

Interstitial Page Site Defense

This application constructs a page from your CDN cache or cloud storage that is seen by the client. This page can explicitly tell the client that they are awaiting Proof Of Work authentication or silently perform Proof Of Work in the background while the client interacts with the Cached Site. This Cached site can utilize Edge-Compute services provided by Fastly, Cloudflare, or AWS to customize this page for the specific client or allow them to bypass POW authentication based upon their cookies, headers, user agent, ip address, or geo-location. This cached site can also utilize Edge-Compute services to remain highly interactive by responding to requests with logic that lives at the CDN edge.

Endpoint Defense

This application wraps requests to specific resources in logic that performs Proof of Work authentication. This allows websites or API's that want to protect computationally expensive or IO dependent requests without placing all of their methods or resources behind Fail2Spam. Endpoint Defense can be an excellent strategy for requests that perform heavy cryptographic or mathematical operations or database queries or POSTS. Fail2Spam has client POW solve code in several languages, including Javascript, Java, and C#. We can accomodate writing new clients in any languages that are turing complete.