What we do

Fail2Spam is a Ddos mitigation system designed to protect websites and REST API's from layer 7 Ddos attacks and distribute excessive peak traffic to prevent downtime and added expense.

Proof Of Work

We achieve this by utilizing a custom Proof Of Work algorithm that acts as a challenge to clients attempting to make requests to the protected site or API.

Traffic Filtering

Once this challenge is completed it can be validated at the CDN or reverse proxy preventing excessive or malicious traffic from reaching application servers or databases.

How is it different ?

This approach differs greatly from most modern Ddos prevention systems and can dramatically improve user experience for a website. Fail2Spam also has the unique ability to act as a challenge to automated systems attempting to reach a REST API, a task which is difficult for many Ddos prevention and detection systems that are reliant on attempting to filter requests based on whether they are made by a human user or automated system.


Fail2Spam can also reduce the need for CAPTCHA's which can act as an annoyance to users.

Who Can We Help

E-Commerce : FAIL_2_SPAM can help turn fail(503) into sale. Helping to keep sites up during auctions or events without having to add additional infrastructure and expense, while simultenously improving user experience by removing captchas and keeping sites interactive while under heavy load.

Government : FAIL_2_SPAM can assist governmental sites that can't scale horizontally due to budgetary or security constraints, helping keep critical civil sites operational.

Journalism : FAIL_2_SPAM can help prevent cencorship and keep contravertial or sensitive sites bringing important news and opinions to the people.

Finance : FAIL_2_SPAM can protect banks and trading exchanges from expensive and disruptive outages. We have the unique ability to stop malicious bots while allowing benevolent trading bots to continue to get qoutes and maintain liquidity.